In 2009 Matt Crack, the founder and maker of crackpacs, started making bags on a sewing machine out of anything he could get hold of. An ikea bag, a Lollypop persons jacket and a wetsuit were just a few of the raw materials that inspired the creation of crackpacs. Fast forward a few years to 2017 when Matt decided to make his hobby his business.

A love of camping, adventure and the countryside, combined with years of reimagining old things into new has led to creating backpacks from redundant tents and other old outdoor gear.

After thousands of hours behind a sewing machine and bags of different designs, the Pitch 1000 backpack was born.

“It’s beautifully sustainable. Creating bags from old tents allows me to take redundant items and turn them into something that can be used everyday, whilst retaining its original charm.”

–  Matt Crack – Founder and maker of crackpacs

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