The back(pack) story

(2 minute read, written by Mrs crackpacs)

Living with Matt Crack, the founder and maker of crackpacs, means living with a lot of interesting things, and many have accused him of being a hoarder. “There’s a use for everything” he often says to me, particularly when I trip over something ridiculous in the hallway and curse him. 

He has been making things out of old stuff for a long time. He’s spent over 10 years learning how to sew and creating backpacks from random waste materials –  an old ikea bag, a lollypop person’s jacket, a wetsuit… 

He went “all in” to become a full-time maker of his own invention in 2017. It took a lot of courage to leave behind a monthly salary and we were pretty terrified. I’d say he is a natural maker, but quite a reluctant businessman, so we’re constantly learning. 

crackpacs is an extension of our lifestyle choice – to make, mend and be a part of the solution to the climate crisis, as best we can – even if we’re just taking baby steps, we hope we’re heading in the right direction. When we’re not creating crackpacs, we’re working towards a self-sufficient lifestyle, or adventuring outdoors.

crackpacs is all about sustainable living and minimising waste, inspired by outdoor adventure.

Matt has put his name to crackpacs because he hopes it will be a lifelong adventure for our family – plus, Crack is a great surname, and we are ironically terrible crack climbers. 

Every bag Matt makes is made with care and love, each one is his new favourite and the best he’s ever made. And with each sale he says “we’ll eat tonight!”. 

Thank you to everyone that owns or will own a crackpacs. We hope that they are loved and cared for and that you take them on lots of adventures! 

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