The ecology of crackpacs

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Old adventure gear is donated, salvaged, exchanged or bought. 

The current crackpacs designs are made from old retro canvas tents and retired climbing ropes that are no longer fit for camping or climbing, but have good qualities for repurposing. 

The gear is cleaned, strength tested and organised(ish) in the studio. 

Our bags are thoughtfully designed to minimise waste and make the most of the old items that are being repurposed. 

We design to keep the retro vibes and colours alive, so our colour combinations are inspired by the tents and the era they came from.

As a brand, we embrace individuality, so every bag is a unique, one of a kind creation. You gotta express yourself! 

crackpacs are individually handmade in a small Sheffield studio by a skilled maker, and the process is savoured and enjoyed.

The old items are carefully taken apart and re-made to ensure that our bags are as practical and high quality as newly manufactured bags. 

We only make limited collections or made to order to avoid overproduction. 

crackpacs are sold locally in shops, at festivals and online via our website, delivered by our homemade Tuk Tuk whenever possible, but mostly by Royal Mail. 

crackpacs reach their new owners to be re-loved and taken on new adventures. 

As crackpacs is based on the principle of sustainability, people and the environment are considered at every step of the way. Therefore, it seems natural that crackpacs should also feed into the much bigger ecosystem in some way and support others doing good for the planet. Currently, 50p from every sale goes to charities that are experienced in supporting people and/or the environment, but we aim to do more in the future. Can’t change the world alone!

Small is beautiful, and crackpacs is proud to be a small enterprise that is intended to support a family to make a creative and sustainable living.

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